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Association Financial Services

Financial services for condominium & homeowner associations such as billing, bookkeeping, collections, and tax preparation.

Specific Services  Include:

  1. Billing & Collection
  2. Bill payment
  3. Issue Architectural Control Warning letters
  4. Closing letter for all property sales
  5. Prosecute seriously delinquent accounts in Magistrate Court
  6. Prepare customized monthly financial reports to include:
    • Delinquent owners
    • Unit financial activity
    • Miscellaneous income
    • Payment ledger
    • Cash flow
    • Income statement
    • Balance sheet
    • (Other financial tracking the board desires)
  7.  Prepare tax filings
  8. Assist in preparation of annual budget

Office Locations

PO Box 70907
Marietta, GA 30007
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