Best Management Practices for High-Rise Condo Associations

Condo association management requires a full range of expert knowledge and skills because unique clients can have specific needs. From small units to grand luxury condo estates, it’s important to address the key differences of each association as part of your community management strategy.

Some notable differences in management technique can be found in high rise buildings, which has staffing and security concerns different from low-rise units.

Here are three of the most important differences any management company must be cognizant of for a high-rise condo tower.

Make Security a Priority:
High-rise units have higher demands for security. These units require round-the-clock security serving as the first point of contact to ensure only those permitted to enter a high-rise unit are able to access the building. Due to the increased concentration of occupants, high-rise condos may require added security measures such as video monitoring, identification procedures for residents, parking lot attendance, additional lighting, and barricades to protect people and objects from falling.

Implement a Fire-Safety Plan:
High rise buildings have special fire safety concerns than those of low-rise units. Residential high-rise buildings are susceptible to fire from smoking and cooking, but can be difficult for firefighters to reach higher floors and can also be difficult to safely evacuate due to the heavy concentration of occupants and the limited methods of exiting a building. Every high-rise condo association must have a comprehensive plan for fire safety and evacuation. Review it often, and update and communicate to residents when necessary. It is also imperative to implement a schedule for periodic sprinkler inspections.

Make Management Seamless:
On-call management is important for high rise buildings. Elevators play a key role in transporting residents and guests to their units, and a malfunction in an elevator has to be immediately addressed. Have a plan in place for handling situations– from the minor dilemmas to more serious emergencies, and make sure all your pertinent vendors contact information is readily available.

Condo association management isn’t a one-size-fits-all job. Take heed of these tips if you’re living and/or part of a high-rise condo association board.