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Unprecedented challenges are facing Home Owner’s Associations. Distressed sales are wreaking havoc on fine communities throughout Tampa Bay. Homeowners have helplessly watched while their home’s values have plummeted due to neglect, mis-management and investor activities in their communities. They’re calling on HOA management to help, but most HOA management firms are accounting focused and are unequipped to handle the rigors demanded by the housing crisis in Tampa Bay.

Not Home Encounter. We’re a firm forged in the crucible of property management. We understand how to maintain the value of real estate; We know how to manage renters and investors; we understand property valuation and how delinquency in HOA fees and in mortgages can cripple a community.

We’re licensed real estate agents, so we know what buyers and sellers want from a home and what lenders will and won’t finance. So there’s no one better positioned to help you understand the challenges your community is facing; manage the delinquencies; control the investor and tenant activities; and preserve your home’s value.

We provide all the normal HOA management services: Full-service management, covenant enforcement, or financial management, general and administrative management, collections/ disbursement facilitation, deficit funding and financial reports, budgeting, architectural review and compliance, maintenance and association contracts, and owner communication.

But it’s the unconventional HOA management services that set us apart. The delinquency management; receivership; forced-placed management; abatement; property valuation; foreclosure sales and distressed sale management. In today’s housing market, it’s these activities that will make or break your Home Owner’s Association, and it’s for these reasons that you should choose Home Encounter.

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