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Best Properties Inc

Best Properties
Experience the Best in attention and reliability.

We provide many benefits which include: Administrative and Management Services, Customer Service, Maintenance, Emergency Services and Financial Services.

Administrative and Management Services include attending board meetings, inspections, enforcing association rules, selection of vendors to provide quality services at competitive prices, and making certain that the associations are in compliance with all applicable laws pertaining to homeowner associations – HOAs.

Customer Service is a priority. Therefore, every effort is made to respond to all inquiries and requests within one business day.

Maintenance includes all common areas and items such as landscaping, lighting, water and electrical, security, elevators, and fire safety equipment.

Emergencies are treated as such and are dealt with immediately. Non-emergency situations which occur, are responded to within one business day during regular business hours.

Financial Services include developing budgets which reflect the needs and finances of the association, preparation of monthly reports showing income and expenses, both monthly and YTD, dues collections, delinquencies, invoice approval, preparation and mailing of checks, and preparation of tax returns. Our reports are comprehensive and easy to read.

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