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Advanced Community Services

Advanced Community Services (or ACS) was created due to a recognized need in the property management industry for more professional and efficient service. ACS is founded on basic managerial principles that are often lost within associations. These principles are: communication, responsive service, professional expertise and transparent accounting. While these principles are basic to most businesses, ACS has found that the majority of disgruntled association members complain about these core concepts. At ACS we recognize that the elected board members are assigned by the individual homeowners to be responsible decision makers. We recognize that it is the management’s responsibility to communicate and implement the board’s decisions. Strong communication between homeowners and board members alleviates many of the issues that cause frustration.

The administration at ACS is well versed in HOA law, land law, business practices and we emphasize an organized, well-run management. Association and condominium law are rapidly changing and it is important for board members to understand how their liability changes according to law. ACS provides regular training for board members so that they can understand their legal responsibilities, while adding value to their community.

We have seen that, when ACS partners with your community, not only does it run more cost efficiently, but there is a better general atmosphere throughout the community. A positive atmosphere is contagious and will add value to your home.

ACS is committed to exceeding market norms and your expectations. We are meticulous with our record keeping, communication and deadlines. We know how you feel and what your frustrations are – those frustrations are why we went into business.


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